Thursday, September 29, 2011

My new buddy.

It's not news. Anyone following me on Facebook knows the Pronto was effectively replaced with a New Snot on the Block. Well, it's not really like that, unless you're an old bitter Refractor. Here's an image of the Tele Vue 76 at Saddington Park in Mississauga.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And we're back...

Yes, I know, I haven't blogged much, if at all. A lot of things have happened since I have been gone and a new "buddy" was added to the arsneal of telescope, namely the Tele Vue 76 APO also doesn't mean the TV Pronto retired. It has enjoyed a new life as my partners telescope.

At one point I almost deleted this blog, but figured it still had valid information so no, it won't be deleted. It nearly got renamed "The Tale of Two Tele Vues" but that really isn't practical either.

I hope to have guest writers too...but we will see.

Soon I will post my brief impressions of the TV 76. Not a whole lot more could be said about it that has already been said, but I will offer my impressions. It is sure a big winner in my books, but I will explain later.

Take care