Friday, April 24, 2009

20 years in the Dark

It seems fitting I suppose that the International Year of Astronomy 2009 is also the 2oth year that I have been seeing in the dark. I am self-learned, more or less. I started off wrong, with the wrong telescope, a Blacks Camera 234 Magnicon 60mm Refractor and a pair of humble 7X50 Bushnell Binoculars. But I did manage to see a few things with this junky scope including Jupiter's cloud belts and the craters on the Moon.

Dozens of scope later, I'm still at it. I have a had few years where I wondered why I still do it, but I seem to have almost answered that. Because it's there. No wait, that's cliched. Because I can. Well, that's no better. there.

So here's to my first blorg. Blog. Seeing in the Dark--a journey, so to speak of one astronomer, or many.


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