Thursday, September 3, 2009

A rare treat: The "No Moons of Jupiter Night"

That was cool. Those of you who followed me on Twitter (or Facebook) know what we were watching last night. Ganymede and Europa slid in front of Jupiter, Io behind and Callisto was hanging out in Jupiter's shadow, hence, no moons of Jupiter. It is very rare. I have heard this only happens four times a century so I was glad I wasn't glued to a mindless round of garbage TV and was outside with the scope.

First time I used the laptop and Twitter. Had some network connection issues but while I was trying to fix that, the SCT started to fog over so I had to frantically get the heaters on to get that solved.

So it was a good night and lots of fun to watch that. Fatigue and other factors forced me out of it early though, too bad :(


  1. Hey Marc, that's a fine looking SCT there! Our climate is so dry here dew is something I never consider that other folks have to deal with! I am glad you looked up and not horizontal last night -it truly was the show of shows.

  2. Shhhh...just don't tell anyone I used an SCT! Ah nuts, I already spilled the beans!