Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Moon get you down? Not me....

If you restrict your observing to strictly photographing deep sky objects, the Moon will get you down. If you restrict yourself to just observing deep sky objects, the Moon will get you down. But if you like double stars...different story.

The Full Moon blazing away did not present too big a problem (shot with my phone)

Working with the Antares 105 f/15 and my favourite Struve List (which is so huge I will never finish it) I had some modest success down to about 10th magnitude in the usual washed out view that is the Full Moon. I figure it is best to get some observing in as weather was about to turn on us and limiting one self to the moon phases is self-defeating. Seeing was so-so and I was limited to just about 2.0 arc seconds. No pushing the theoretical limit that night! Some of the best views were Struves of equal brightness down around 9th magnitude with a relatively easy split. Lots of fun!

Which kind of leads me to the main point of this entry. Assuming your observing criteria is not always "Moon sensitive", it is my opinion that you should take full advantage of clear skies when you get the chance because we all know just how rare they are in humid Southern Ontario. Besides, double stars are fun and it becomes addictive to push the limits of your vision and equipment. Double stars tend to have quite the "cult following". Deep sky objects will be washed out but I still enjoyed pleasing views of the Pleiades cluster which was blown out because of the long focal ratio...but anyway it was still a lot of fun just to get out and explore...


The Full Moon shot through the Antares 105 and my phone.

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