Friday, May 22, 2009

Porrima pulls apart

Last I checked this was tough. See the last blog on the star Porrima (or Gamma Virginis)

An article in Sky and Telescope is reporting that our friend Porrima is finally pulling apart in it's 169 year orbit and should be visible as a split double at 1.24 arc seconds in May and 1.30 arc seconds in July. This suggests that my original posting on Porrima contains factual errors which I got from that Wickythingypedia (not known for its accuracy I suppose). Well S&T has politely corrected that.

What is required is really steady skies. Unfortunately Porrima is quite a bit south so those required steady skies are going to be tough. But it's worth a shot. It always is....


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  1. 6/08/2009 - from Atlanta - well separated now, easy split with a fine 4.5" f/8 Newtonian and 6mm Orthoscopic. I estimate 1.2" based on theoretical size of Airy disk. -drl