Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tele Vue Pronto on the SP Mount

Adding further to the post below, "Pronto Finds New Legs", I finally had the chance on a really nice clear night (and the ISS passing overhead too!) to test out the Pronto with the SP combination at JC Saddington Park, Mississauga. This might seem a bit overkill, but really, it is a great combination. Reduction in overall vibrations (there are no "good" vibrations in telescope land) and a much easier time focusing the Pronto added to the experience. The mount is still currently un-powered but I might be able to score a hand control or new motor in the future. I will have to resolve collision issues with the RA control stock, but that is no biggy. Nice to also have the tripod lower since the f/6.8 OTA is far shorter than the f/9.8 Refractor of old.

Nice view of Alpha Herculis last night, one of the finer double stars (see the posting on May 17th Rasalgethi -- Head of the Kneeler for more info).
Saturn was rock solid as always with a little more dark limbing on the edge. Also good to see a few more NYAA'ers out their plus a member of the RASC Mississauga.

A very pleasant night to observe.

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