Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cloudy Night Link: The Stargazers Group of Mississauga

While I know it's not exactly cloudy out tonight, I'm baked.  I am going to rest up after paddling and mountain biking in my quest to the ultimate cardio-fat burning machine....anyway, moving right along...

Want to know how to start off right in astronomy?  Well there are a couple of ways.  First is a good reference book like Terrence Dickinson's Nightwatch, a good set of 10X50 or 8X56 binoculars, and, and, ready for it? A GROUP!

Nothing beats joining a small gathering of like-minded astronomers. You might find it intimidating or daunting thinking that you will be blown away by all the techno-jargon or the shear knowledge base. If you live in the GTA, one such group stands out and you will find yourself right at home amongst those who love astronomy and won't make you feel intimidated. They are called The Stargazers Group of Mississauga. Please check out the link to the group and you will find it a warm and friendly place to start on the path of becoming an amateur astronomer.

Here are some pics from the Saddington Park location in Mississauga (the main page photo above the blog is also from this site).

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