Sunday, June 7, 2009

SP Mount goes steel

Not that I will do away with the wood legs, I was able to scrounge some spare parts and a steel tripod for the SP Mount to try and resolve the matter of the stability which became oh-so-bad when I mounted the f/14 Elite 105 to the head. Wow that was a wobbly experience to say the least. The 2" steel tripod is from the Celestron CG5 mount or SkyWatcher EQ6. It is taller and allows more room for longer tubes. But more importantly, firmed up the shakes and jiggles that were inherent in the old wood Vixen legs which are slowly deforming and the spreader is almost useless. It's not 100% yet. The leg spreader is still dinky but there is a big fix for that thanks to my friends Gary and Dave who can change that.

The weather is going bad for the next few days, so no end-user report will be available for a bit, so bear with me.

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