Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More info on the Meade 2080 from "The Telescope Bluebook"

From Robert R. Pollock's "Telescope Bluebook"...

"Meade's well known 8" model was part of the "2000" line introduced in 1980, and model 2080 became the designation for the basic fork mounted f/10 optical tube. The original 2080 drive consisted of a worm gear system with 180 tooth main gear driven by a synchronous AC motor. This was offered without wedge and tripod but included coated optics, a 6x30 finder, 1 ¼" star diagonal and 25mm eyepiece. This basic telescope was also available as the 2080B having multi-coated optics for better light transmission. In 1984 the company improved the machining on the worm gear drive and introduced the "LX" drive. Later the same year they marketed this telescope with a 8x50 finder and erfle eyepiece, along with the addition of improved coatings on the optical surfaces as the LX2. The appearance both models visually is identical to the standard 2080 except for the "LX" mark."


  1. Marc, I have looked through these in the past and you are going to have fun with it! Thank you for not letting us know the price you lucky dog!

  2. I just picked up a mint 2080 that had never been used. Mint in the original shipping boxes. I was actually the first to put it together and look through it! Its amazing that it sat untouched for so many years at least 20 plus years. I was supprised to find out it was such an old scope because it looks brand new. They sure don't build them like this anymore.