Sunday, February 21, 2010

Addendum to a post: A case for the quick set Winter (or why astronomers should never HIBERNATE!)

I was talking about a quick set up

I also want to add that, not only is the cold a factor in your portability, it's about taking a risk. In Ontario this time of year, skies are forecast to be clear but may be less than probably don't want to drag that hernia causing scope out when you know that observing might "only be an hour or so"...

Less than ideal is the norm in winter months. Lake effect clouds (or worse) wreaks all kinds of havoc. I mean lets be honest, Southern Ontario is like one giant penninsula. But when it is clear and you know for sure that the conditions are more than ideal, then maybe the big scope will work...but as you know, when it's clear, it's usually quite chilly to downright freezing (see the first post)



  1. Hey Pronto you lil twerp my owner has me all fixed and we are enjoying lunar vistas right now! I bet your just sitting around in your new case in the dark whimpering away!

    RED the loved even though he is very simple and has a plumbing piece focuser unit!


  2. Oh by the way you brat scope SUG only needed 5 minutes to set me up. Chew on that awhile!

    Hi GOR - your pretty cool! Love your new feather touch - SUGO is looking at a new one for me!

  3. We got snowed in...lots of clouds.

    Oh and don't worry, the Pronto gets to ride in a Pelican Case, whereas, everyone else gets a soft carry bag...we hear about it ALL THE TIME!

    Pronto might get all the attention, but I'm the most photogenic!


  4. Hey GOR - Mr.Sidewalk is talking to the guy over at Universal Astronomic and I may have a new fancy heavy duty ALT/AZ soon. He is getting this so I will be a easy/quick setup for his outreach programs & to replace my tired EQ. He has been saving his pennies and dimes for a year or so. Can't wait! Solar programs, double star shows, lunar crater close ups, just in time for spring..........

    CR150 - soon to be out of the bag and off the shelf!