Sunday, February 21, 2010

Refractor pic of the day

I shared this on Cloudy Nights and on Facebook...
The old Refractor in Mississauga...just before observing started...


  1. Hey GOR you are looking great. Mr.SUG has a similar pic of me as his first post of the new season. We look awesome in the fading daylight! Rumor has it I maybe getting a new mount this season(yippee)and I hope Mr.SUG can line my lenses up the way Mr.Backyard did yours. You play second fiddle to no one! Tell Pronto and SCT to take a hike!

  2. I got a Moonlite focuser now! I'm collimated better than that little snob and the new focuser works better...Yeah, I am not as portable. All I need is a new OTA and I am as good as new.